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2019 KTM 300xcw tpi to be featured in Dirt Bike and Motocross Action magazines

Both versions featured: APS fork mods-$425 Shock revalve-$210 Torque wing throttle body mods-$195 Custom fuel tuner-$250 Suspension lowering for shorter riders-$125 + above mods

2018 Husky FE 350 on the cover of Dirt Bike Magazine

Check out the reviews section for more info. We coverted this street legal dual sport into a pure off road weapon. We ditched 10 lbs of weight and added 10 Hp as well as drastically improved the suspension to transform this mild mannered fe350 into a real off road machine. The biggest improvement was the forks. Our APS mods absolutely transform these painfully soft forks into really great performers. $425 Next is the engine, our +10 hp kit wakes up this sleepy 350. $750 includes fmf muffler, fuel tuner and hi flow airboot. Don't forget about the shock. With the forks working great, the shock falls short in performance. $210. 916-705-3193

Honda CRF 450rx to be featured in Dirt Bike Magazine

Look for this CRF 450rx in the pages of Dirt Bike soon...

2017 KTM 350xcf to be featured in Dirt Bike Magazine

This is Dicks' personal off road weapon that can also be used for Moto as well.

Skyler Howes 2017 YZ450FX Featured in October Issue of Dirt Bike Magazine

We did the suspension on this National Hare & Hound podium machine featured in Dirt Bike Magazine.

2016 Husqvarna FC450 to be featured in Motocross Action Magazine

We started with a really good bike and made it awesome. Look for a full review in the pages of Motocross Action Magazine soon,,,


Check out Vaughn Wilk's National winning 2016 YZ450 modified for off-road by Dicks Racing in the January issue of Dirt Bike magazine,


Do you like to go to MX tracks and ride Off-Road? This is ONE bike that can do both, seriously!

2014 KTM 1190 Adventure R featured in Dirt Bike Magazine

We built this bike to perform at the highest level both on pavement and in the dirt.

2014 Husky 250 featured in MXA magazine

After completing the KTM 300 project, we thought it would be cool to do a 250 as well. This bike was tested by the Pros at Motocross Action Magazine. Head and carb mods $795. Ask for MXA 250 Husky/KTM replica on the service order form at the top of the home page.
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2014 KTM 300sx featured in Motocross Action magazine

This bike was built for MXA magazine to race at Glen Helen. It was also raced by Chuck Sun at the World 2-Stroke championship. It featured high performance engine and mods that anyone could appreciate. Just ask for the MXA replica on the service order form at the top of the home page. $795 for head and carb mods.
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Dirt Bike Magazine 2014 Kawasaki KX450 Off-Road Test

We have been working with the KX450 since Dick raced one in 2009. Now, we got the chance to show what is possible as an off-road conversion in the pages of Dirt Bike Magazine.

MXA Quad Flow Torque Wing Test


Dirt Bike Magazine 2013 500 EXC Suspension Test


2012 Beta 350 Dirt Bike Magazine Test


MXA Nov 2011 Intelajet Carb Mods Article

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Dirt Bike Magazine - June ‘11 - YAMAHA YZ 250 2-Stroke

"The TRICKEST YZ 250 on the PLANET" 

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Dirt Bike Magazine - January ‘11 -  2011 KTM 350SX-F

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Dirt Bike Magazine - October ‘10 -  2010 KTM 250XC

Overall, it's one of the best 250 off-road power plants that we've abused. His machine looked like a headliner, performed like a rockstar, and were sorry when he called and demanded it back. If you're a serious off-roader, Dicks Racing is a great one-stop shop.


Who needs fuel injection?
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DIRT BIKE Magazine KTM 450xcf Suspension Mods

Unbiased thoughts from Tom Webb at Dirt Bike magazine.
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DICKS RACING Modified 09 KTM 400xcw

Check out the full test of the highly modified KTM 400 built by Dick's Racing in the January issue of Dirt Bike magazine.

Dick’s Racing 36/39 Carb Mods

Motocross Action Magazine 5-Star Rating -" Forget all you know about carburetors, because this jewel turned our KTM 300 into a rocketship. A great mod. It is a supercharger."

The World’s Trickest Yamaha?

Besides bringing down a tricked-out Honda for Toon Karsmakers to race at the Vet Worlds, Dick's Racing also brought with them a built-up test bike for MXA to get started with. The bike was festooned with more trick parts than you'll find on any two bikes. Here's a sampling of what stood out as the bike stood still. For the full test, look for it soon in the pages of Motocross Action.

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Motocross Action Magazine - February 08 - CRF450R

"Dicks Racing is primarily known for its suspension work, but actually does complete bike setup, including some very clever carburetor modifications." "Suspension was plush and easily soaked up rough chop and worked especially well under acceleration" "The complete machine was a night and day improvement over stock." "Dicks Racing has a great approach to improving a CRF450"

Cover | Page 118 | Page 119 | Page 120 | Page 121 | Page 122 | Page 124

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Dirt Bike Magazine - January 08 - ‘08 KTM 505 XCF / 08 KTM 300XC

"Dicks Racing is renowned for their suspension modifications and our history with Dick has proven his ability to massage a motor to perform in the 'works' category" "The suspension was so good, i had him put it on my bike". "Wow! with his suspension and motor mods, you've got what i consider to be one of the fastest, easiest to ride off-road bikes going".

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Dirt Bike Magazine - January 07 - 07 KTM 525 EXC

"Dick Wilk has been building high-end off road racers for years and this 525 was the perfect bike"

Cover Page - Page 96 - Page 97 - Page 98 - Page 99

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Dirt Rider Magazine - June 06 - KTM300 XC - Annual 24 Hour Torture Test Issue

"This is indeed the best bike in the test."
"This bike is truly as pleasing in performance as it is to the eye."

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Supermoto Racer - June 04 - KTM575 SX

"This is a bike with character. We came away from the test completely amazed at how well this bike worked."

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Dirt Rider Magazine - May 04 - KTM 575SX

"Dick Wilk has spent countless hours with wp equipment, and we consider him to be one of the few tuners who have really figured out how to make the WP suspension work better. The rougher the conditions got, the better the bike worked"
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Dirt Rider-May 02-KTM520 SX

"I couldn't have been on a better bike. I thought the Dicks suspension was perfect. Kurt Caselli (RIP) shown in photo riding the bike.
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Dirt Rider-Jun 01-HondaCR250

"The course was rough and rocky, and by the fifth mile it was obvious Dick had done his homework when he built this bike".
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Dirt Rider-Jan 00-Husaberg 501

"The former Nevada state motocross champ knows KTM and Husaberg suspension better than anyone in the United States"
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Dirt Rider-Nov 97-Husaberg 600 and KTM620

"Dicks APS fork mods vastly improved fork action. The price is higher than the typical fork mod, but worth it.
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Dirt Rider-MAR 97-ATK250

"The inverted Dicks APS WP fork was amazing. It is, hands down, the best off-road fork I've ridden with."
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Dirt Rider-MAR 97-KTM360

"Out west, Dicks racing has a stellar reputation for superb suspension that easily handles endless rock piles and giant whoops and g-outs.Once again, Wilk built a showpiece, a wicked-fast one."
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Dirt Rider-Mar 96-KTM300

"Without a doubt, this is the fastest KTM300 on the planet"
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Dirt Rider-Apr 96-KTM250

"If you want a totally awesome motor for your KTM, drive to Vegas.You won't be gambling."
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Dirt Rider-Aug 94-KTM440

"Dick Wilk, the entreprenuer behind Dicks Racing, has worked sheer magic in transforming the blase' stocker into a wonderbike."

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