Specialty Parts & Aftermarket Accessories

Adding the right specialty parts can fine tune your motorcycle to get the most out of your investment. We carry only the best products and stock everything listed below.

Suspension Accessories

Air Bleeders
These "one-touch" buttons can be installed on any type of forks.
These are made of Hi-Impact plastic and protect your forks from rock abuse. Installation is simple; just snap in place. Fits all upside down forks.
Get rid of those hard to use stockers and try these orange or blue aluminum versions. For use with or without air bleeders.

Digital Air Fork Pump/Guage
Accurately check and fill your Air forks with this Digital Pump/Guage. Works with all air forks, even tne NEW TAC high pressure forks, 0-300psi.

EZ Fill Air Fork Valves (2013-14 CRF/KXF 450)
Air Forks can be a pain, make life easier with these valves that make checking the pressure EZ.

2011-15 KTM Shock Spring Preload Adjuster
Replace the weak stock plastic adjuster on your 2011-15 KTM with this much stronger aluminum replacement. Shock must be disassembled to install. Black anodized.
These wheels have proven to be tough and the price can't be beat. They feature blue/orange anodized hubs and black rims. Comes with new wheel spacers.

Shock Spring Bearing
When a spring is initially compressed, it wants to twist, if it can't, it binds and resists moving. Free it up with this spring bearing, request it on the SERVICE ORDER FORM when sending your shock to us and we will install it for you, or add to cart and install it yourself.

Shock Spring Adjuster
Make adjusting your shock spring easy. Some models are a real pain, this solves the problem, all you need is an 8mm t-handle or drill driver. Request it when sending your shock in and we will install it for you or add to cart and install it yourself.

2011-14 KTM / Husky / YZF performance link
Improve the handling of your linkage equipped KTM / Husky / YZ 450 by installing this link. We tested it on the 300SX we built for MXA and liked the results. Dicks son Vaughn uses one on his YZ450 and swears by it.

Make checking your fork air pressure EZ with this swivel valve, Add the no-loss adaptor for total accuracy.

AIR FORK No-Loss Adaptor
Make checking your air pressure more accurate with this no-loss adaptor.
Protect your linkage and shock clevis from damage without adding unnecessary weight like other guards.
Adjust your hi-speed compression on the fly without tools.

Handle Bars & Controls

These bars feature a shock dampening system that eliminates jolts sent to the hands and wrists. Makes your forks feel smoother. Comes with 3 different densities of shock dampeners.
Version 1 system is for those who want the best hand guard/damper mount package available. The Version 1 includes a solid billet top bar clamp with integrated hand guard mount tabs and integrated adjustable steering damper/stabilizer mount. This system allows you to cleanly mount hand guards to all current top mount steering dampers. Comes with black handshields.
Once you use these threaded handguard mounts you will never use anything else. Works with all oversize bars except Renthal Twinwalls. Comes with tap.
Allows you to tighten your brake and clutch levers to the bar but still move in a crash preventing broken levers.
Orange or Blue anodized Brembo brake and clutch cap.
The best handguards for all 1 1/8" oversize bars. Allows bars to flex the way they were intended. NOT FOR RUBBER MOUNTED HANDLEBAR CLAMPS. Comes with black handshields.
Our Version 2 system features a SOLID billet aluminum top bar clamp with integrated hand guard mount tabs. Keeps cables and brake lines from interfering with guards and impact deflectors from twisting upon impacts. For use with RUBBER MOUNTED HANDLEBAR CLAMPS/ NO DAMPER. Comes with black hand shields.
These really work, tested with one side only installed and the difference was very noticable (50-75% reduction) in vibration. Reduces arm pump and fatigue. Requires cutting 1" off each end of bar. Aluminum bars require tapping (supplied), trust us, it's worth the trouble. As a bonus, the aluminum bar version provides a solid mount for bar end handguards much like the threaded handguard inserts offered elsewhere in this section  There are 2 sizes, aluminum bars or renthal twin wall (no tapping required)

Oversize Bar Mounts for 2002-16 Honda CR / CRF/Kawasaki KX/KXF
Get rid of those skinny stock bars on your HONDA CR / CRF/KAWASAKI KX/KXF by replacing the bar mounts. Then choose your bend of RENTHAL FATBARS and you are set, try the AME bolt on grips while you are at it.

Renthal Fatbar Handlebars 1 1/8"
These bars are made in England and simply the best. Anodized Black. H=height S=sweep

AME Clamp On Grips
Never mess with grip glue and safety wire again. These grips bolt on and never move, I just wish they made them 30 years ago.
At last, longer KTM 4-stroke throttle cables that route in front of the top clamp. If you use a steering damper, you need these. Available for all 03-10 KTM four strokes.

Steering Dampers

Below Bar Steering Damper
If you want your damper under the bars instead, this kit is for you. It does raise the bars slightly, so if you are short, the above the bar kit or GPR kit below would be a better choice.

Above Bar Steering Damper
We have tested with these, they work great and are built to last. Made in the U.S.A.

KTM / Husky Steering Stem Nut
Using this nut allows fuel overflow hose to route into steeing head instead of getting twisted up when using gas cap, orange or blue.
If you have a current model YZF, this is the answer to make your bike turn and handle better. We have tested with 25,22, and 20mm offsets and the 20's work the best. Puts more weight on front wheel for improved traction and tracking.
Finally, an underbar damper that does not raise the height of the bars. In addition this top clamp features rubber mounted handlebar clamps that drastically reduce vibration. A wider than normal bar clamp reduces twisting. An awesome set-up! Comes complete with Black Triple clamp. Bar mount, and post with Orange Damper.
If a traditional damper has too much resistance or you like the clean/hidden location behind the front #plate, this set up is for you. Comes with mounting brackets and 15 model damper.

Dicks Racing Graphics Kits

Comes with 2 fork stickers, a fork spec sticker, and a shock spec sticker.
This was the graphic kit used on the KTM 250XC we built for dirt bike magazine that made it onto the cover. Call 916-705-3193 and we can make this style kit to fit any model.
These are on Dick's personal KTM 500exc, but can be made to fit any model. Call 916-705-3193 to order
These were on the KX 450 we built for Dirt Bike Magazine. Call 916-705-3193 and we can make this style for your bike.
These were used on the bike we built for Motocross Action Magazine, call 916-705-3193 to order.
We used this style for the KTM 300SX we built for Motocross Action Magazine, call 916-705-3193 and we can make them for your bike.
We designed this kit for the KTM 350sxf Featured in Dirt Bike Magazine. Call 916-705-3193 and we can make them for your KTM.
We designed this kit for the Husaberg 350 we built for Dirt Bike Magazine. Call us at 916-705-3195 and we can make them for you.
Lets face it, the New Husky has nice bodywork, but ugly color and a boring look. We can fix that with this cool looking kit. Order here, then call for options.
Make your Husky look cool with this kit as featured in Dirt Bike magazine. Order here and then call with details.

Fuel Systems

Make airscrew adjustments quick and easy without tools..
Increases float bowl capacity. Holds more fuel around main jet. Eliminates bogging when landing from jumps. Works on all 4-stroke FCR carbs except those with limited clearance such as electric starters located under carb.
This piece mounts in the front side of the carb completely eliminating turbulence. A must have for all carbs. 5 STAR rating from MXA magazine. See reviews and performance sections for more info  

Fuel Injection tuners
We have been testing with these units for a few years now and have come up with settings that really work. Easily adjusts 6 different areas of the throttle range.
Gain horsepower with this simple mod and let your Husky breathe.
NEW!!! Designed exclusively for throttle bodies. This new piece controls air all the way to the butterfly valve where it matters most. Reduces turbulence, resulting in smoother power, less off idle jerkiness, and increased torque. Available for all fuel injected dirt bikes.
For the do it yourself crowd, we offer this kit to make your bike run crisp and clean, improve low end power and torque and solve the Husky Airbox problem. The kit includes special needle, quad flow torque wing and install instructions. The Husky kit also includes an airbox vent and instructions.
Bolt-On HORSEPOWER, this 36mm keihin pwk is offset bored to 39mm, then fitted with an Intelajet for high rpm adjustability, capped off with a Torque Wing that eliminates turbulence for more low end torque and response. Comes pre-jetted for your model.


Removable spark arrestor for your stock silencer. This piece replaces your stock end cap and converts it to a spark arrestor that is removable.
The Gnarly pipe delivers increased performance and durability. The spark arrestor is the Turbine Core 2. We carry the pipes listed in stock for imediate shipping. 
Make your adventure bike roar with this full system imported from Italy. Weighs 10lbs less, more power, sounds great. With or without catalytic mid pipe.
This all stainless system is proven to be tough for off road use. Improves power across the rpm range and is lighter than stock system. Includes spark arrestor.

Engine Performance

2011-15 KTM Map Switch
Access the built in maps on your KTM with this 3 position switch (stock, mild, wild)
Keep track of how much time you have on your bike for service intervals. Comes with 2 sided tape or optional aluminum bracket.

Ultra Light Battery
Replace your stock KTM battery with this lighter, more powerful battery
Want more power from your 1190? Look no further. This engine package increases horsepower from 148 to 163. Kit includes an Arrow full exhaust, custom programmed fuel tuner, and high flow air filter. BOLT ON POWER, much stronger at low rpm and peak.
The stock 500 engine is good. Make it great with this custom bolt on kit that cures the lean condition, improves throttle response and makes 5 more horsepower. Kit includes full stainless mega bomb exhaust with spark arrestor, hi-flow filter kit, and pre programmed fuel tuner.

Flywheel Weights
Make your bike easier to ride and reduce stalling. Comes with instructions.
Make stalling a thing of the past, lock your rear brake without fear, make riding easier. Easy to install.

2003-16 2-Stroke YZ 250 Big Bore Kit (300cc)
Make your YZ250 a YZ300 with this high quality kit made in Europe. Comes with everything needed to bolt right on.

2008-16 KTM 250 Big Bore Kit (300cc)
Make your KTM 250 a 300 with this OEM from KTM. Comes with everything needed to complete the job. For even more power, have us modify the head, cylinder and carb for serious boost.

2009-16 Kawasaki KX450 big bore kit (490cc)
Turn your KX450 into a 490cc MONSTER. Comes with everthing required to bolt on.

2011-15 KTM 350sxf/xcf Big Bore KIt (366cc)
Give your KTM 350 the added low end boost that will make it easier and more fun to ride. Highest quality, made in Europe.
Make your YZ450 more tractable and easier to manage with this Steel clutch basket kit. Adds weight to the rotating mass for smoother power delivery. In addition, the stock clutch is weak and short lived, this set up is bulletproof.

Colored Radiator Hose Kits
Look cool with these hoses that are stronger than stock.
Wake up your NEW KTM/Husky exc/fe with this performance kit!. Make your new bike run the way it was intended to. Kit includes: fuel tuner, airboot (Husky) that replaces the ridiculous reed valve oem unit, slip on fmf muffler, and torque wing. You will gain power (almost 15hp) across the RPM range. Comes with complete instructions or you can send us your throttle body and we can install the torque wing for you and modify the KTM airboot..

Off-Road Accessories

Made from billet in the USA. These are the best.
The best footepegs made. Stronger, sharper, and wider than stock. Can be used at stock height or in the lower position for taller riders. Simple to install.
Full Coverage skid plate for your KTM,YZF,KXF. It offers more protection than any other and fits perfect.

KTM / Husqvarna Clutch Cover Guard
Even when using a full coverage skid plate the clutch cover is still vulnerable. Prevent damage and oil loss with this billet piece that solves the potential problem.
Keep debris out and prevents damage to your front disc. Made in USA.

KTM/Husky/YZ/KX Full Coverage Plastic Skidplate
We have race tested these for years and they are tough. Will not be torn off.
KTM hydraulic clutch cylinder protectors. keeps the chain from damaging the slave cylinder.

Chain & Brake Parts

Increases oil capacity and lowers temperatures to make rear brake more reliable.
Dissapates heat at the source. Makes your fluid last longer and prevents fade.
This pedal tip is beveled along side the clutch case with rounded head screws to avoid cover puncture. Drilled for brush cable. Made from Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum Comes in Orange or Blue
Protect the rear disc from damage. Made from one piece billet aluminum. Made in the USA.

2008-15 KTM Chain Guide Mount Strengthener
If your chain guide gets hit hard, it breaks the mounts off the swingarm which is very expensive to replace. Eliminate the possibility with this piece, made in the USA.

Factory Edition Chain Guide
This unit features a replacable lower block for long life, instead of disposing when it wears out.

Regina Gold O-ring Chain 120 links
We have tested them all and these chains are the best. 520 size/120 links

Dual Sport Accessories

07-15 KTM EXC Slim Switch
Replace the wide oem lights switch with this slim unit that gives you more room on the bars for other things, plugs right in.

12-15 KTM Tail Light Assembly
Replace your ridiculous tail light assembly with this sleek unit, comes with turn signals and licence plate holder

Squadron XL Headlight
Replace your weak headlight with this high power led light that is so bright you can ride off road at night with confidence.

KTM 1190 Adventure R Seat Foam/Cover
If you are suffering from SBS (sore butt syndrome), this is the answer. Comes with comfort foam and custom cover.
Why ruin the looks of your wheels with ugly stick on weights, use these chrome plated bolt-on versions instead. Comes in a 7 pack, enough to do 2 wheels.
If you do longer rides and have been suffering from SBS (sore butt syndrome), this is the answer. Ready to bolt on.

KTM 1190 Adventure Footpegs
Replace those narrow stock pegs with these super wide and comfortable all aluminum versions. Easy to install and has adjustable height. Made in USA.

Gear and Apparel

These new boots from FLY are Dick's favorites, as with everything on this site, they are tested first before we sell them to you.
Dick has tried them all and this is the best value for the money, plus your pit crew will see you coming from a mile away.
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