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Dicks Racing Builds the Ultimate American Made Superbike

September 14th, 2015
400 lbs / 200 Horsepower / Made in America....This bike is for sale - $17,500

If you are lucky enough to have one of these, here is how to make it better.....

Stock, the engine delivers 185hp and weighs 415lbs. Add 15hp and drop 15lbs with this free flowing catless exhaust and matching fuel ECU - $1275

Stock, the bike is overgeared, tighten up the spacing and acceleration with a 44 rear sprocket. Note: ECU from above must be calibrated for this change, $149

If you ride more than 30 minutes, the stock seat is painfull. Ship us your seat and we install a thick gel/foam pad under the stock foam and cover - $150

If you are over 5'8" tall, the standard bars are too low and narrow. We have tested all the possibilities and these Flexx bars are taller, wider, and incoporate elastomers that absorb impacts and vibration - $360

Improve the looks with this clean looking turn signal/licence plate bracket - $159

In the event of a fall, protect those expensive Showa BPF forks with these axle sliders. Same withe rear, don't grind the swingarm, protect it. - $169 for front and rear sliders

If you are using the stock exhaust and want to get rid of the rear peg brackets, use this kit - $160

Show your American pride with this Patriot graphics kit - $199

With this much power the stock suspension is unbalanced and soft in the front. Take it off and send it to us for the fix - $390

Give us a call to order parts or services @ 916-705-3193

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