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2004-16 KTM / HUSQVARNA 200/250/300 2-STROKE 36/39 CARB MODS

(STAGE 1 $250) (36/39 MODS) The stock 36mm KTM carb is bored in such a way as to not lose any low-end normally associated with overboring. Our method results in a broader range of power throughout the RPM curve. In essence, a 36mm carb can have the advantages of a 39mm without the downside, which is loss of low end velocity.


(STAGE 2 $425) (36/39 MODS WITH INTELAJET)  An intelajet is installed to compensate for the changing bore size. This device works off of engine load and is self adjusting. The unit is externally adjustable and allows for leaner main jetting that in turn provides a wider range of elevation operation. Unlike a powerjet that delivers raw fuel, the Intelajet delivers pre-mixed air and fuel for a pre atomized power source. The whole process includes complete dis-assembly, boring, cleaning, re-jetting if required and Intelajet installation. See Review section for MOTOCROSS ACTION test of the 36/39 carb mods w/Intelajet. MXA 5 Star Rating.


(STAGE 3 $65) An upgrade is the TAPER BORE option, after the 36/39 machine work is done to the carb, the front side is taper bored to further enhance flow by as much as 15%. When doing the TAPER BORE, You MUST SEND the INTAKE MANIFOLD for maximum performance.


(STAGE 4 $45) Another improvement is the BACKSIDE TURBULENCE REDUCER that does just what it says by getting rid of "the wall" of the stock carb by radius machining the area.


(STAGE 5 $150)  QUAD FLOW TORQUE WING, this device is installed in the front side of the carb to completely eliminate turbulence. It is unique in that it divides the airflow into 4 quadrants, yet has a gap oround the outside to equalize pressure at any throttle opening, you can expect more response and smoother overall power. MXA 5 Star Rating.


If you are looking for even MORE POWER, consider the Type 1 DICKS RACING HEAD MOD. This increases pulling power across the board. For use with or without racegas, please specify($125).


Or try our NEW Type 2 HIGH TORQUE HEAD MOD that adds power channels machined into the combustion chamber to boost Torque and Effeciency, for use with pump or race gas, please specify ($275) 


Carb on the left has the 36/39 carb mods with taper bore option, on the right is the stocker.


mods. The INTELAJET unit is also visible from this angle.

When choosing the TAPER BORE option, be sure to also have the INTAKE MANIFOLD

 MATCHED to the carb for maximum performance.  

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