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After 25 years of Keihin carbs, KTM has jumped ship and now uses Mikuni carbs on all of their 2 Strokes. No worries, Dicks Racing has a ton of experience with these carbs also. Check out our full menu of ways to make your NEW bike run better.

This is the stock 38mm Mikuni TMX, weak low end power, blubbery jetting, power goes flat on top. We modify the slide, use a special needle and then add the modifications below to fit your demands.


After taper boring, the front measures over 42mm. It is still 38mm at the slide area, so there is no low end loss. Mid range and top end power is increased, overall flow increased by 15%. Intake manifold must be matched to optimize the results. $150

For the most mid-top end power, select the 38/40 mods. This unique way of boring the carb loses no low end power from 0-1/3 throttle, after that it flows like a 40mm carb, the best of both worlds. Unlike the taper boring above, the carb body is offset bored all the way through. $250


With this Torque Wing installed, turbulence is eliminated, low end power and torque are improved from 0-1/2 throttle making the bike easier to ride,$150 installed.

For the ULTIMATE in Power and Adjustability, consider having an Intelajet installed. This device delivers pre mixed fuel and air based on engine load. The unit is externaly adjustable by turning a knob that can be mounted anywhere, making tuning above 1/2 throttle easy. $275 installed.

For the do it yourself crowd, we offer power up kits that include the Quad Flow Torque Wing, Special Needle, Airbox Vent(Husky) and install instructions. Go to specialty parts, fuel systems section to order.


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