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Mods are seperated into 4 stages. Stage 1 eliminates hesitation and bogging associated with stock carbs. Stage 2 is taper boring the carb for more power. Stage 3 involves adding the QUAD FLOW TORQUE WING that eliminates turbulence and increase torque and response. Stage 4 is the installation of the INTELAJET that adds a seperate air-fuel delivery device that features external adjustability, improved response and fuel mileage. Click on 4-Stroke carb mods for more info.


(Stage 1) Includes the adjustable leak jet and installation, an adjustable fuel screw, re-jetting, and accelerator pump mods. You can expect instant throttle response, crisp jetting and no hesitation. ($275) 


(Stage 2) The taper bore modification increases flow by 15% on 39mm FCR carburetors and Fuel Injected throttle bodies. For best results, the intake manifold should be matched to the modified carburetor. If you are looking for more power, this is where to start ($150)

(Stage 3) Installation of the Quad Flow Torque Wing will eliminate turbulence in front of the slide where it counts. Unlike other products that are on the backside of the slide or have holes in them that create turbulence, the torque wing divides the airflow into 4 quadrants that have an airgap around the outside that equalizes pressure at any throttle opening ($150 installed) 

(Stage 4) In addition, the Intelajet can be added for even better results. These devices deliver pre-mixed air /fuel based on engine load. This means you can run leaner main jetting for inreased horsepower, throttle response, elevation range, and fuel milage. These units are externally adjustable and can be tuned on the fly(while riding) ($275 installed Intelajet)

For those with fuel injection, we've got you covered. We install the 5-Star rated Quad Flow Torque Wing and have fuel recalibration devices if you are using an aftermarket exhaust or have a California green sticker legal machine AKA way too lean.

$195 + fuel tuner if required

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Performance Services