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2013-15 KTM / Husky / Husaberg 4CS FORK MODS

(Option 1 SFR $195) We have been working on these forks since the day they first came on the 2013 HUSABERG. In fact, we did a magazine project on a 350 Husaberg featured in Dirt bike Magazine. Since then, they are being used on the 14 KTM XC's and now on 15 KTM XC/SX and Husqvarna Models. We have continued to develop the best possible set ups tailored for tight off road or fast off road or GP's or MX. We are leading the way in terms of modication of this new fork technology ($195). If you are riding in a wide variety of terrains, or want an even higher level of performance, see options 2 & 3

The biggest problem with the 4CS fork design is lack of adjustability and progression. Internaly, the forks can be set up for specific types of riding but lack the progression to cover a wide range. Then, when you try and make changes to compensate, the stock adjusters don't do much. Luckily, WE HAVE THE ANSWER, see below.

NEW (Option 2 $350) We now have a new compression base valve with adjuster that doubles the range compared to stock. This gives you 2 compression adjusters + the original rebound adjuster. This allows controlled action through the stroke, yet still be plush. This is a ($155) option added to the standard fork revalve(SFR) above). When filling out service order form, select SFR in fork services and at the bottom ask for optional compression adjuster (Option 2) in the special request section.

NEW (Option 3 $420)($575 for options 1,2,3) We also offer a bottoming control device that virtualy eliminates bottoming. This is a ($225) option added to option 1 and 2(optional). If you want plush action in the technical stuff, contolled action through the stroke and no bottoming, select options 1,2, and 3. Select (SFR) on the service order form and then request other options in the special request section

Trust the EXPERTS at Dicks Racing for all of your suspension needs.

$195-575 + oil + springs if required


(Option #1) Forks are completely disassembled, cleaned and revalved to match your terrain and skill level utilizing the stock pistons. Rebound valving is matched to the springs being used, then the forks are filled with the highest quality oil to the optimum height. No matter what you ride, we have proven/tested settings that are guaranteed to keep you satisfied. Beware of pretenders, trust Dicks Racing to deliver results you can count on.

$195 + Parts (oil, springs if req.)


This option (#2) includes everything in the standard revalve, plus (HFP) high flow compression pistons that provide a level of plushness not possible with the stock pistons. In addition, these pistons allow for stiffer valving to help keep the forks from blowing through the stroke and bottoming. This set-up works well in a wide variety of terrain, from MX to Off-Road. Each set of suspension is tuned based on your needs/requests. The standard revalve is good, this option is better.

$295 + Parts (oil,springs if req.)


This option (#3) utilizes the FBS (free bleed system) which works great for tight, gnarly off-road conditions. This set-up includes the (HFP) high flow compression pistons from above, complete revalving of all internals matched to your personal needs, FBS mods, and fluid refill to the proper setting. Ridiculous amounts of testing went into these mods to insure the best possible results. Please keep in mind that forks and shock need to work together and should be modified at the same time if possible.

$325 + Parts


This option (#4) labeled "APS" is a completely different design than current systems being used. The name refers to Advanced Progressive System which allows for multiple rates of compression damping. Super plush initial travel, yet gradually stiffer through the stroke with incredible resistance to bottoming. Of the 4 options for KTM open chamber forks, this set-up has the most range and does everything well. The end result is superior performance that utilizes 3 separate compression adjusters (low, mid and high) and one rebound adjuster. This not only allows for more specific adjustment, but also offers the ability to adjust compression and rebound while riding.  This is the choice of serious trail riders and racers alike. Standard Revalve is Good, Revalve with HFP pistons is Better, Revalve + FBS is even better for gnarly off-road. The APS system is the most versatile by combining all of these technologies to provide the ultimate in off-road fork performance. Click on title for tuning info.

$395 + Parts (oil, springs if req.)


Now you can have the same fork system that up until now has only been available for KTM. This set-up was featured in Dirt Bike Magazine on a Beta 350, see the reviews section for that test. For an in depth explanation, please see the above APS KTM section.

$395 + springs(if required) + oil

Fork Rebuild

This is a separate service from the modifications above. Rebuilding involves replacing leaking seals, worn out bushings and polishing away nicks on the fork tubes. If this hasn't been done recently, be sure to request it. To keep costs low, we don't just do it automaticly.

$45 + Parts when done with above modifications / $95 + Parts (rebuild only) For the ultimate in performance, request "super low friction seals and scrapers" in the fork section of the "service order form"

$45.00 - 95.00 + Parts

DLC Coated Fork Tubes

The final step to high performance suspension mods. Diamond like coating applied to make fork action more responsive. Also makes tubes extremely scatch resistant, making seals last much longer.
$525 + shipping

Shock Service

Shock Rebuild

A seperate service from revalving. All wear items are replaced and carefully reassembled. $25 + Parts with revalve service / $125 + Parts (rebuild only)

$25 / 125.00 +Parts

Anti Fade Shock Reservoir

Be cool. If you are experiencing shock fade, this is the answer. Converts the stock piston set-up to a bladder with finned reservoir. This upgrade drastically reduces heat by eliminating the piston movement inside the stock reservoir. If you are racing/riding for more than 30 minutes at a time, more than likely your shock is overheating and losing damping. Available when sending your shock in for modification or service. Fits all KTM shocks from 2003-2010.

$199 installed

2011-15 KTM Aluminum Shock Spring Adjuster

Replace the weak stock plastic adjuster on your 2011-15 KTM with this much stronger aluminum replacement. Shock must be disassembled to install.

Shock Spring Thrust Bearing

When a spring is initially compressed it's tendency is to twist, this piece lets that happen, resulting in smoother action. Can be used on top of the spring or in some cases on both ends.



 When it comes to making your shock work better, trust Dicks Racing to do it right the first time. We have over 30 years of experience and do the testing required to achieve the best possible results. Your shock is taken apart, cleaned and revalved for your terrain and skill level. The correct spring rate is determined and matched rebound valving is installed. All air is removed from the system, which is absolutely critical for consistent/correct performance, and then pressurized with nitrogen to proper specs.

$195.00 + Parts (Showa/KYB) +25.00


For those who are verticaly challenged, Dicks Racing has the answer. Shortened suspension. As expected, we do it right. Special Travel limiting spacers are installed in your forks and shock, complete revalve service is performed, springs are shortened, and then reassembled with fresh oil. The most common height reductions are (1") (1-1/2") ( 2"). The reduction can be reversed when it comes time to sell it, no problem.

$495.00 + oil
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Suspension Services

Suspension Setup Tips

Static Sag
(The amount the rear of the bike drops on its own weight) should be between .75" - 1.5"

Rider Sag
With the above in that range, the rider sag should be 4" + or - .5"

Make sure not to get the right fork in a bind where it clamps to the axle. It will cause the forks to not work smoothly.

Release built-up pressure in the forks after every ride.

Shock oil should be changed by Dicks Racing every 25 hours