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If you have something other than a KTM 200-300 2-stroke, don't feel left out, we have got you covered. These mods work with ALL 2-Stroke carbs.

(Stage 2) (Taper bore / match intake manifold / install intelajet) ($425) We taper bore the carb body to maximize flow, then match it to the intake manifold to reduce turbulence. Then we install an Intelajet that delivers pre-mixed air and fuel based on engine load. You can externaly adjust the unit for varying temperatures and elevations making re-jetting the main jet area as simple as turning a dial. Increased POWER and Response as well as fuel milage are what you can expect. Must send carb and intake manifold.


(Stage 3) (Taper Bore / Match intake manifold only) ($150)  Just like above only without the Intelajet.Must send intake manifold and carb.


(Stage 5) (Quad Flow Torque Wing Install) ($150) Your carb body is modified to accept the MXA magazine 5 Star rated QFTW and the piece is fitted into the front side of the carb for OUTSTANDING performance.


This carb is from a KTM 85/105 that has stage 2 mods and stage 5 mods (quad flow torque wing)



One of the biggest problems with air/fuel delivery devices is TURBULENCE. This device is installed on the front side of the slide/butterfly and protrudes into the intake tract where it counts. Unlike other products, the TORQUE WING divides the airflow into 4 quadrants with an air gap on the outside to equalize pressure no matter what throttle opening. You can expect improved throttle response and power delivery in addition to more torque.




Mounted on FCR carb common to most 4-strokes

Mounted on Keihin PWK, common to most 2-strokes


Mounted in kehin throttle body, common to all fuel injected 4-strokes $195 INSTALLED




We offer 2 types of 2- Stroke head mods for use with 91 octane fuel, race fuel, or a mixture of both. Type 1 is our standard head mod that alters the compression ratio to match the fuel you will be using. Type 2 is our NEW Hi-Torque head mod that incorporates power channels that are machined into the combustion chamber that direct the fuel towards the spark plug, improving torque and effeciency. These are the same mods featured in Dirt Bike Magazine test of the YZ 250 and the KTM 300 featured in Motocross Action magazine.


Whether you need your cylinder replated or your crank needs a new rod. Transmission work? No problem. We can get the parts, do the work and have it right back to you. Why settle for second best; have it done right the first time!


The options are many. From five star rated high flow carb mods and cylinder porting, to cylinder head machining, piston anti-sieze mods and case matching. When you want more 2-stroke power, look no further than Dick's Racing. We have a legendary reputation for building the fastest, most reliable motors found anywhere. Check out the reviews section for proof.

Power valve cleaning - $90

Dicks Racing Head Mods - $125

High Torque Head Mods - $275

Cylinder Porting - $225

Anti-sieze Piston Mods - $75 (motor required)

Match cases to cylinder - $125 (cases already split) 

High Flow Carb mods - $295 - 685

High Torque head mods - $275


If you want MORE POWER, You have come to the right place. Our services include high flow carb mods, high-performance cams/timing, high compression pistons, cylinder machining, high flow head porting of the intake and exhaust cavaties for maximum flow. We also carry exhaust systems from Arrow and FMF. Check out the specialty parts section for Big Bore Kits that you can install or have us do it for you.


Other than the piston, the moving parts in the head are the highest wearing items. Rebuilding includes: replacing valves, machining the valve seats straight and matching to the valve, replacing valve guides(if required), and replacing valve seals. If you want more power, now would be the time to consider head porting while the head is apart. 


4-stroke motors have a lot of moving parts that wear out. When that time comes, do not gamble on who does the work. Trust the experts at Dick's Racing for all your engine needs.

Services include:

split cases and reassembly

rebuild head (new valves, machine valve seats, new seals)

rebuild crank (replace rod, bearing, pin, and true)

replace seals and bearings


For 38-40mm carbs. If you are looking for more Low-End Power, this is where to start. These mods were featured in the Dirt Bike magazine test of the YZ 250 in addition to the Hi-Torque head mods described in the 2-Stroke engine section. These mods also work on 4-Stroke models such as the CRF 250 that came with a 40mm carb or any application where improved response and ridability is needed. In the case of the YZ 250, the lack of low-end combined with the big hit in the mid-range makes the power hard to manage. By reducing the size of the the bottom half of the carb bore, low end power is improved without sacrificing mid-top end power. On the CRF 250, the notorious bog is eliminated without losing peak power. Note: cannot be used with taper bore mods or 36/39 carb mods. 




Mods are seperated into 4 stages. Stage 1 eliminates hesitation and bogging associated with stock carbs. Stage 2 is taper boring the carb for more power. Stage 3 involves adding the QUAD FLOW TORQUE WING that eliminates turbulence and increase torque and response. Stage 4 is the installation of the INTELAJET that adds a seperate air-fuel delivery device that features external adjustability, improved response and fuel mileage. Click on 4-Stroke carb mods for more info.


(Stage 1) Includes the adjustable leak jet and installation, an adjustable fuel screw, re-jetting, and accelerator pump mods. You can expect instant throttle response, crisp jetting and no hesitation. ($275) 


(Stage 2) The taper bore modification increases flow by 15% on 39mm FCR carburetors and Fuel Injected throttle bodies. For best results, the intake manifold should be matched to the modified carburetor. If you are looking for more power, this is where to start ($150)

(Stage 3) Installation of the Quad Flow Torque Wing will eliminate turbulence in front of the slide where it counts. Unlike other products that are on the backside of the slide or have holes in them that create turbulence, the torque wing divides the airflow into 4 quadrants that have an airgap around the outside that equalizes pressure at any throttle opening ($150 installed) 

(Stage 4) In addition, the Intelajet can be added for even better results. These devices deliver pre-mixed air /fuel based on engine load. This means you can run leaner main jetting for inreased horsepower, throttle response, elevation range, and fuel milage. These units are externally adjustable and can be tuned on the fly(while riding) ($275 installed Intelajet)

For those with fuel injection, we've got you covered. We install the 5-Star rated Quad Flow Torque Wing and have fuel recalibration devices if you are using an aftermarket exhaust or have a California green sticker legal machine AKA way too lean.

$195 + fuel tuner if required

KTM / HUSQVARNA 200/250/300 2-STROKE 36/39 CARB MODS

(STAGE 1 $250) (36/39 MODS) The stock 36mm KTM carb is bored in such a way as to not lose any low-end normally associated with overboring. Our method results in a broader range of power throughout the RPM curve. In essence, a 36mm carb can have the advantages of a 39mm without the downside, which is loss of low end velocity.


(STAGE 2 $425) (36/39 MODS WITH INTELAJET)  An intelajet is installed to compensate for the changing bore size. This device works off of engine load and is self adjusting. The unit is externally adjustable and allows for leaner main jetting that in turn provides a wider range of elevation operation. Unlike a powerjet that delivers raw fuel, the Intelajet delivers pre-mixed air and fuel for a pre atomized power source. The whole process includes complete dis-assembly, boring, cleaning, re-jetting if required and Intelajet installation. See Review section for MOTOCROSS ACTION test of the 36/39 carb mods w/Intelajet. MXA 5 Star Rating.


(STAGE 3 $65) An upgrade is the TAPER BORE option, after the 36/39 machine work is done to the carb, the front side is taper bored to further enhance flow by as much as 15%. When doing the TAPER BORE, You MUST SEND the INTAKE MANIFOLD for maximum performance.


(STAGE 4 $45) Another improvement is the BACKSIDE TURBULENCE REDUCER that does just what it says by getting rid of "the wall" of the stock carb by radius machining the area.


(STAGE 5 $150)  QUAD FLOW TORQUE WING, this device is installed in the front side of the carb to completely eliminate turbulence. It is unique in that it divides the airflow into 4 quadrants, yet has a gap oround the outside to equalize pressure at any throttle opening, you can expect more response and smoother overall power. MXA 5 Star Rating.


If you are looking for even MORE POWER, consider the Type 1 DICKS RACING HEAD MOD. This increases pulling power across the board. For use with or without racegas, please specify($125).


Or try our NEW Type 2 HIGH TORQUE HEAD MOD that adds power channels machined into the combustion chamber to boost Torque and Effeciency, for use with pump or race gas, please specify ($275) 


Carb on the left has the 36/39 carb mods with taper bore option, on the right is the stocker.


mods. The INTELAJET unit is also visible from this angle.

When choosing the TAPER BORE option, be sure to also have the INTAKE MANIFOLD

 MATCHED to the carb for maximum performance.  

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